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Writeonwalls @ Workplace

WriteonWalls is an innovative coating that can transform any smooth surface into a writable & erasable Canvas – walls, desks, doors, cabinets, workstations, storages, pillars, glass.

Benefits :
• Available in clear form – Transparent
• Application – Choice of shape & color
• Easy to installation
• Replace Projector screen, whiteboards, and flip charts


Writable & Erasable Canvas with whiteboard markers

Water Based - Solvent free

VOC - ( Volatile Organic Compond - Carbon Based )

Green in Nature

UV Protection - ( Indoor & Outdoor )

Stain Resistant

Cafe & Lounge
School & College


•VERSATILE: Your choice of place, shape, and color of markerboard.

•EASY TO INSTALL: Single coat roller-brush apply paint.

•STAIN RESISTANT: Easily remove stain/ink of marker with duster or cloth.

•CHEMICAL RESISTANT: Can resist normal household chemicals and solvent.

•SCRATCH PROOF: Can withstand normal routine wear and tear.

•APPLICATION: It can be applied through roller or brush on a very smooth surface. The surface finish needs to be very smooth and free from dirt & dust.

•WARRANTY : 3 YEARS: It does not peel, crack, yellow, or fade with proper use and maintenance.

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