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Why Are Indian Homemakers Preferring Stainless Steel Cabinets Over Wooden Ones?

India has a rich culinary heritage. We’re the only country that can boast of innumerable varieties of dishes.  More often than not visiting foreigners end up falling in love with Indian food. So what makes our dishes so unique? The spices? Yes, and also the style of cooking. We Indians adopt the wet style of cooking. What this also means is a messier kitchen. In such a case, what kind of kitchen cabinet would suit our style of cooking? Wooden? Well, no-it’s steel.
Wooden cabinets are great, no doubt. They look good, come in numerous shapes and styles, and they can be painted and re-colored to any shade. Great! But they are also high in maintenance.  They are more prone to termite attacks and fungus decay. Fungus thrives in wet conditions and makes your wooden cabinet weaker day by day.
On the other hand, steel cabinet offers you the freedom to cook without having to worry about maintenance. These cabinets are not a breeding ground for termites and fungi; this makes it more durable. What’s more, stainless steel cabinets are easy on the pocket too.
If this has convinced you to switch to steel cabinets, then, you could check out Tusker SS 304 Modular Kitchen Cabinets. They’re as stylish-looking as wooden cabinets and more durable. Tusker Cabinets are really easy to install and require no maintenance. Click the link below to know more:

So which cabinet will your kitchen adorn? Wooden or stainless steel?


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